Friday, June 10, 2011

The name.

Yes, I know the name of the blog is drifter garage, but in reality, its a bit of a lie. I have zero real life interest in drifting, I think its the equivalent of a car talent show. How much of a lame-ass showboater can you be while going slower than you would if actually racing, and essentially beating your car and tires to a pulp.

My online pseudonym, drifter2be, originally started out on my days on XBOX live. My main activity was drifting on Forza 3 and I didn't feel like coming up with a gamertag that was based on my current car, because I changed cars so often back then. I wanted to find something that was generic enough to be used almost everywhere I interacted online, thus, due to my love of Initial: D and my fondness for tearing up the downhill courses of Fujimi Kaido in Forza 3, drifter2be was born.

Outside the confines of cyberspace, my name is Joseph, I'm a 24 year old guy who lives in a small town called Hemet, smack dab in the middle of Riverside County in sunny southern California. My main passion in life is, you guessed it, cars. My chosen profession is automotive service and repair, my biggest hobby is my car, and most of my free time is spent researching modifications and helping others with their cars. Unfortunately, I have currently found myself unemployed, but no matter, I am a strong capable individual and will easily bounce back from this. My other passions include gaming, Star Trek, and my beautiful girlfriend, though for the most part those will not be points of discussion here.

Sadly, tonight I find myself locked in yet another battle with my arch-nemesis, INSOMNIA, which is why I've managed to not only start this blog but make two consecutive posts already. Time to take a break, peace out!

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