Friday, June 10, 2011

I love meguiars ScratchX

Meguiars ScratchX rules, hands down. Just got back from washing my car. When I had removed the SUBARU from my trunk there was light etching left in the paint that I could not for the life of me remove. I had used rubbing compound and polish so many times that the paint had become faded and very swirled around that area. 5 minutes with ScratchX on a foam applicator removed all the swirling and cloudiness in the paint and had taken out a fair amount of the etching from the old emblem. I plan on taking a lot more time tomorrow morning and to see if I can fully eliminate the rest of the etching or make it extremely hard to see.

I also decided to give it a go on my headlights. I had picked up a headlight restoration kit earlier today because being 7 years old the headlights have started to haze up a bit. Two minutes with some light elbow grease on each lamp and they practically look brand new. Hoping to drive around a bit later tonight to enjoy the increased light output.

Sorry, but you will have to copy and paste that link as I am too retarded to get blogger to generate the link properly at this time to find out what it is, and if you love your car and have noticed small paint damage such as swirling or light scratches, do yourself and your car a favor and pick up a bottle. I swear the paint looks brand new after a few minutes with that.

Pics of the trunk will be up tomorrow after I have some time to work on it a bit more.

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